5 Challenges Facing Ports & Terminals on the Danube (& What You Can Do About Them)

16th March 2021

Ports and terminals along the Danube are intense applications that rely on tough Hyster® ReachStackers, container handlers, and lift trucks to overcome day to day challenges. Here’s how.

Challenge 1: Reduce the cost per container moved

Container handling companies are continuously pushed to strive for more efficiency and reduce the cost per container move. Hyster has worked closely with customers to refine and continually improve its Empty Container Handlers to help reduce costs, with significant productivity advantages, an excellent return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Challenge 2: Reach further, stack higher

The growing demand for larger reachstackers is likely due to an increase in intermodal handling operations which require trucks to reach out to the second rail. As space becomes more expensive, port, and terminal applications must also use the space as efficiently as possible so may consider stacking higher. Hyster® ReachStackers can support container handling operations along the River Danube (and anywhere in the world!).

Challenge 3: Increase throughput

Did you know that double handling may help improve terminal throughput and reduce congestion at ports – both inside the terminal and on roads? This helps reduce waiting times for lorries, resulting in shorter queues and optimised traffic flows. With greater speed and efficiency, double empty container handling could increase throughput by up to 30%, driving down the cost per container moved and boosting profitability. Speak to our experienced Hyster® dealers supporting terminals along the Danube.

Challenge 4: Lift trucks for the operator experience

In port and terminal operations, keeping operational costs down is very important. But did you know that the cost of the operator can be a significant contributor to the cost per load moved? So, applications should select lift trucks which deliver the best possible environment for the operator, like Hyster® ReachStackers, Empty Container Handlers and Heavy-Duty Forklifts. Talk to your dealer for advice now.

Challenge 5: Boost terminal container capacity

Yard space issues? Increasing stacks from five to six containers with a Hyster® Empty Container Handler can result in a capacity increase of up to 20%. The Hyster® H9- H11XM-ECD9 Empty Container Handlers enables operators to build stacks up to nine high, optimising yard space and providing both cost and time efficiencies. Perfect for a small terminal along the River Danube.

Overcome your handling challenges

Find out more from your Hyster® dealer now or visit the Hyster website to discover solutions for handling in ports and terminals.

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