8th December 2022

Introducing the Hyster® H8-18XD series of Hyster Big Trucks – high capacity lift trucks which feature Stage V engines. But reduced emissions are not the only benefit.

Discover Hyster H8-18XD forklifts – lift trucks for materials handling operations in the toughest environments.

  1. Reduced tyre costs

Tyre repair and replacement is the second largest cost for most materials handling operations. The new Hyster H8-18XD lift trucks feature an adjustable maximum steering angle. When the operator selects the reduced angle, friction is decreased, resulting in reduced tyre wear and cost.

  • Different truck configurations

The Hyster® H8-18XD lift truck series is available with a variety of configurations to accommodate application specific requirements. Different wheelbase sizes enable businesses to specify a truck for optimal manoeuvrability in tight spaces, boosting productivity and reducing tyre wear. Where space isn’t an issue, applications can select a model with a larger outer turning radius and lower truck weight to help reduce fuel consumption and costs. Special engineering options are also available.

  • Comfortable cabin

The Hyster H8-18XD forklift series features an operator-friendly XD cabin, for which the Hyster® H16XD-6 lift truck received a 2020 GOOD DESIGN Award. The quiet and comfortable cab has the largest cabin entry area in the industry making it easy to get on and off, and it is spacious enough to wear a hard hat inside.

Meanwhile, the cab’s redesigned mast and carriage creates a wider view for the operator. The cab and front-end design focus on visibility, ergonomics, and comfort to help drive operator productivity throughout an entire shift.

  • Reduced emissions

The new H8-18XD series of Hyster Big Trucks features Stage V engines for reduced emissions and delivers low running costs in terms of fuel and AdBlue® consumption. The new Hyster trucks use a combination of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). For easy access, both after-treatment units are packed in one box and conveniently positioned on the outside of the truck.

  • Optimal serviceability

To increase productivity and maximise profitability, improved serviceability is built into the design of the Hyster H8-18XD forklifts. It has easy service access and a screen display with on-board diagnostics. The truck features a new Stage V engine with 1000-hour service intervals. Combined, this helps prevent downtime for service and maintenance.

Time to get productive

Precision handling of fragile, heavy loads in tight spaces is required throughout applications. In these operations, a truck needs to deliver powerful performance, but with accuracy, for maximum productivity and less costly damage to loads. The Hyster H8-18XD series may help.

Speak to your local Hyster dealer to learn more.

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