4 ways to improve the view on a Hyster counterbalance truck

3rd August 2017

Even with the best counterbalance forklift truck, the optimum warehouse layout and the most experienced forklift operators, efficiency in applications can be reduced if the driver has a limited view of the fork position, load or the working surroundings.

Hyster camera solutions from Orlaco can provide greater visibility, helping applications improve efficiency and operator comfort while reducing damage.  At the Hyster® HUB event in October 2016, Orlaco showcased the range of various specialised camera solutions which can be factory installed to meet the needs of customers in different applications.

The Amos compact camera from Orlaco, for example, is specially designed for even tough applications and are shock resistant, maintaining a sharp image no matter what the working conditions.  The cameras can work in very low and very high operating temperatures with systems to prevent condensation and frost.  They also include chemically hardened glass and nitrogen filled housing, watertight to IP69K.

The monitor is positioned in the operator’s natural field of vision, allowing quick, comfortable and efficient operation. Even in low light, the operator will still be able to see the forks and surrounding area due to light sensitivity of 0.05 lux.

Four forklift sight solutions for Hyster® counterbalance trucks

  1. Frontview

The Frontview camera system allows the driver to see that area in front of the forklift truck, even with a load on the forks. The camera is mounted on the mast’s fixed outer stage and the robust monitor is mounted with a fully adjustable clamp in the truck’s cabin.

  1. View-on-forks

Loading and unloading of trucks can sometimes mean that the view of forks is blocked by the fork carriage. With a camera mounted under the fork carriage, the View-on-forks system allows the driver to maintain a view of the forks.  The fully adjustable monitor is mounted on the truck’s guardrail.

  1. Rearview

The Rearview system has a camera mounted on the back of the truck and a robust monitor mounted in the cabin to support drivers when reversing.

  1. RadarEye

RadarEye is not a camera but an active signalling system.  Working in combination with Orlaco camera systems, RadarEye warns the operator both visually, with coloured overlay images that appear on the monitor, and with audible tones, that increase in rate as object come closer.  This enables drivers to operate with greater accuracy and efficiency.

For more information on Hyster Camera Solutions, contact your local Hyster dealer or visit http://www.hyster.eu.

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