4 Considerations for Metal Applications Buying or Hiring a Hyster® Lift Truck

6th April 2021

In the metal and steel industry, heavy loads need to be handled in tough environments. To cope with these demands, it’s important for businesses to optimise their fleets and operations, and that includes choosing the right Hyster® forklift for their specific requirements.

Here, we look at four of the key challenges affecting metal and steel handling applications in 2021, and how the right Hyster® solutions can help.

Challenge 1: Operational safety and collision avoidance

Accidents and collisions can slow down an operation’s workflow, cause possible health and safety issues, and drive up insurance costs. Damage to equipment, infrastructure, and products are also key considerations.

Hyster® lift trucks are designed in their standard configuration with a host of features that support operators and supervisors in their quest for operational safety. This includes features such as cabs that are designed ergonomically to keep operators in good health throughout the shift and that provide excellent all-round visibility. Plus, horns to alert nearby pedestrians and other equipment, and responsive traction, steering, and braking systems that enable operators to maintain precise truck control at all times.

These and other features, such as seat belts, operator presence systems, and overhead guards, all come as standard equipment on Hyster® lift trucks, enabling properly trained operators to be productive and safe in most standard applications.

To support customers in unique applications, Hyster offers special features enabling customers to configure Hyster® trucks to meet application-specific requirements. Examples of these features include pedestrian awareness lights, worklights, rear drive handle with horn button, operator selectable performance modes, telematics, object detection systems, and impact monitors.

Challenge 2: Load variation and the need for special attachments

Metal products vary significantly in size, shape, weight and nature. Mishandling these metal products can damage trucks and products, slow down operations, and make it difficult to meet demand.

Tough Hyster® lift trucks are compatible with a wide variety of front end attachments like special forks, coil rams, C-hooks, magnets and hydraulic clamps, enabling operations to handle metal products with awkward shapes, heavy weights or large dimensions with ease.

Challenge 3: Environmental regulations and sustainability targets

While the industry is committed to reducing harmful emissions, ambitious sustainability targets are getting increasingly difficult to hit due to the current climate.

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To satisfy environmental regulations the industry needs to reduce CO2 emissions. When investing or leasing equipment, metal applications should consider Hyster® electric lift trucks that deliver lower emissions without sacrificing toughness.

The new Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL powered by a lithium-ion battery is a particularly effective choice for certain tough industry applications, offering comparable performance to a Hyster® ICE forklift. For lifting loads up to 9-tonnes, this lithium-ion forklift delivers zero emissions and the benefits of fast opportunity battery charging. Many smaller models are also available with a range of battery and charging options.

Challenge 4: Increasing costs of operation, growing competition and decreasing demand

The success of metals production depends on multiple industries that have been hit hard by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Rising costs are making it even harder for businesses to be competitive in the market.

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However, by reducing costs and optimising operations it is possible to remain competitive. Hyster® lift trucks are designed to provide a low Total Cost of Ownership, supported by complete forklift truck maintenance programmes that help businesses to achieve maximum uptime and efficiency.

The global network of local Hyster® dealers is also expertly equipped to provide consultation to help businesses select the right choice of Hyster® lift truck, including used Hyster® forklifts, and short term rental solutions to deal with peaks in demand.

Talk to your Hyster® dealer now or learn more about our metal industry solutions and products on the Hyster® website.

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