3 Ways to weigh with your Hyster forklift

12th April 2017

Mobile scales provide a great solution for applications that need to accurately weigh the loads they are handling with a Hyster® truck, allowing operations to weigh during transport. As applications no longer need to transport every load to a static scale for weighing, this saves valuable time, space and manpower.

There are many Ravas mobile weighing systems available that can be integrated into Hyster order picking trucks, Hyster reach trucks and Hyster forklift trucks.

Three ways to weigh with a Hyster forklift truck.

    1. iForks

iForks are the first completely wireless scale forks for Hyster forklift trucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. With integrated Bluetooth technology, iForks work on virtually any lift truck with an ISO hook-on carriage or fork positioner. They allow truck operators to weigh individual products while they are being lifted as well as track the total weight of multiple loads.


Components are fully integrated in the forks enabling installation in just minutes and each fork has its own interchangeable battery module. The fork dimensions are close to those of standard forks to ensure trucks can easily be manoeuvred.

    2. RCS

The RCS is a hydraulic load measurement system that measures oil pressure and can weigh loads of up to 60 tonnes. The operator simply picks up the load and lifts it until just past the marked reference height, before lowering it gently to the reference point, and stopping there. After around 3 seconds, the weight is shown on the display.


The high-quality system is easy to install, suitable for tough applications and ideal for businesses that need to obtain shipping weights or avoid overloads.

    3. RCS Hy-Q

The RCS Hy-Q is also a good choice for demanding applications, with accuracy, easy calibration and the ability to use with rotators or clamp attachments. It works similarly to the RCS system. The operator lifts the load to the reference height and then presses a button to automatically lower the forks by approximately 2 cm. During this descent, the software calculates the weight and shows it in the display.


Unlike the RCS, the RCS Hy-Q system has a dynamic zero value, which means the display reflects the oil pressure in the mast’s hydraulics when the forks are unloaded. As the display value returns to zero after the forks are unloaded this provides the added benefit of showing if there has been any drift in the system’s zero point so that this can be easily corrected and accuracy maintained.

For information on mobile weighing solutions for Hyster trucks speak to your local Hyster® dealer.

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