3 Ways to Use a Hyster UT Platform Stacker Truck in Logistics

28th September 2020

The Hyster® UT series of lift trucks and warehouse equipment was recently introduced. Extending the range of options available to logistics materials handling applications. These trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and bring reliability to operations.

If you’re a logistics operation, here are 3 ways you could use a Hyster® S1.5UT S Platform Stacker Truck.

1. Loading and unloading trailers

Loading lorries in last mile logistics operations? The Hyster® S1.5UT S Platform Stacker can be used to conveniently load trailers. It has fast lifting and lowering speeds and a lift capacity of 1.5 tonnes at 600mm load centre.

These affordable Hyster® Stacker trucks are perfect for short runs transporting palletised loads to and from the warehouse. Operators can transport stock while riding comfortably on the cushioned ergonomic platform or can fold the platform away to enable pedestrian operation where required.

2. Order picking

With compact footprint and small turning radius, Hyster® UT Platform Stackers are ideal for order picking, easy to manoeuvre even in warehouses where aisle space is tight.

The handy Hyster® Stacker truck has lift heights up to 5.6m, and full free lift mast options are available for warehouses with low overhead clearance. The Stacker is easy to use for operators, with electric steering and simple controls as standard, helping to make the move needed.

UT series lift trucks

3. Stockroom handling

In smaller ‘back of store’ warehouses, a UT Platform Pallet Stacker truck is well suited to efficient and simple stock retrieval and built for a long working life. Operators will find all controls easy to reach and simple to operate for efficient operation.

When moving loads across short runs between different storage units, the Stacker truck offers stability with an adjustable balance caster alongside variable speed control and an auto deceleration function.

Simple to maintain Platform Pallet Stacker

No matter how you choose to use it, when matched with the right application you’ll find the Hyster® UT Platform Pallet Stacker to be simple to maintain. Quick and easy servicing and proven, high quality components help save maintenance time and reduce service costs.

Meets the need. Makes the move.

Demanding applications take many forms. Your local Hyster® dealer can help you select the right truck, at the right price, for the right application.

Contact your Hyster® dealer now for advice or to learn more about the new Hyster® UT lift and warehouse truck options that could complement your fleet.

View the full range of Hyster® materials handling equipment at www.hyster.com.

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