23rd November 2021

When handling valuable paper loads with Hyster® lift trucks, the right choice of attachment can be key.  Here are 3 trends affecting materials handling operations that may be addressed with attachments.

  • A need for efficiency

Market conditions may mean that businesses have a need to reduce costs and are striving to lower the cost per load moved.

Hyster lift trucks are available with a complete range of attachments, such as Tower Clamps, Rotating Paper Roll Clamps, and options for handling palletised paper loads. Selecting the right clamp will increase efficiency and reduce damage.

In some applications, productivity, and cost efficiency, may also be increased with Multiple Paper Roll Clamps, which handle more paper rolls at once.

  • Damage avoidance

When handling and transporting paper rolls, if the wrong clamp attachment pressure is applied by the driver, it can cause ‘out of roundness’ issues, damaging the product. Products in the paper industry are very expensive and should be handled with specialised attachments in order to minimise damage and avoid unnecessary costs.

Tough Hyster lift trucks can be fitted with attachments with various options to adjust clamping force. With the Force Matic option, clamping force is adjusted automatically based on the weight of the paper roll handled. The Force Matic option is available for most of the range of paper roll clamps. 

Correct handling and use of the forklift and clamp may also help reduce maintenance costs, another reason why it is important to select the attachment that is most fit for purpose.

  • Changing demands

Sudden changes in the sizes of paper rolls required, or a temporary need for higher handling capacity due to operational peaks, means that many businesses need flexibility.

Due to an ever-changing market, demand for short term leasing on Hyster forklifts continues. But did you know that you can also obtain Hyster lift trucks with attachments on a short-term rental basis?

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