3 Hyster® Trucks to Support the Wood Industry

8th April 2020

Hyster® trucks have been meeting the needs of tough timber applications for 90 years, but how are they helping wood handling operations prepare for the future? Here’s three ways that Hyster® trucks support the wood industry with electrification, automation, and digitalisation solutions.

1) Zero emissions forklifts

To help wood applications with an environmental focus, Hyster® electric trucks offer the reliability, efficiency and manoeuvrability needed in timber handling, but with the added benefit of zero emissions.

In many timber applications, four-wheel electric counterbalance trucks in the Hyster® J1.6-3.5XN range can be found working both indoors and outdoors. These trucks are an economical option with a low cost of ownership and less maintenance requirements.

2) Automated Hyster® lift trucks

Ideal for operations just starting out on their digital journey, Hyster® robotic lift trucks offer affordable automation for wood applications. Robotic forklifts from Hyster Europe support Industry 4.0 operations, improving accuracy, efficiency and consistency, and integrating into digital warehouse management systems.

Unlike automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Hyster® robotics solutions are truck-based, allowing them to easily integrate into existing infrastructure and to change with the needs of the operation. For maximum flexibility, the robotic Hyster® lift trucks also offer the option of manual use.

3) Customised forklifts and add-ons

A wide range of specialist attachments is available for wood applications, including Power Pile Slope carriages and Levelling Fork solutions for the range of 10-16-tonne capacity Hyster® lift trucks.

Technologies to support driver awareness and damage avoidance are also popular customisations. For instance, truck-to-truck, truck-to-object and truck-to-pedestrian detection systems can be combined with telematics to increase fleet connectivity and support productivity. Solutions such as cameras can also be implemented to assist drivers handling large loads which would otherwise impair their visibility.

For further information on Hyster® solutions for wood applications, contact your local Hyster® distribution partner or visit www.hyster.com.

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