22nd November 2022

Is increasing productivity while managing costs key for your warehouse and logistics operations? Dependable Hyster® warehouse equipment is perfectly positioned for Powering YOUR Possibilities, with a wide range of trucks to suit your application’s specific requirements.

Here are three Hyster warehouse trucks that can improve productivity, and in turn provide cost efficiencies.

Affordable New Hyster Pedestrian Pallet Truck

Designed to be affordable to own, easy to maintain, and fit for many applications, the new Hyster P1.6UT pedestrian pallet truck can lift loads up to 1.6 tonnes.

The slimline and lightweight Hyster pallet truck is easy to manoeuvre, and stable with good gradeability. It is well suited to applications such as last-mile deliveries or for use in “back-of-store” warehouses.

The Hyster P1.6UT Pedestrian Pallet Truck provides affordable efficiency. It delivers a low cost of operation as well as competitive energy consumption. Up to 12 hours between each battery charge is possible due to the efficient traction and hydraulic motors. Standard warranty and service intervals apply.

New Double Stacker to Optimise Productivity

The new Hyster® S2.0SD Platform Double Stacker is designed for double stacking and handling of open-sided pallet loads. It is also well suited to the transportation and loading (or unloading) of pallets stacked two high in a trailer.

The new Hyster stacker provides increased speed, both when laden and unladen, making it suitable for travelling long distances or for working in loading docks.  Logistics operations, retail, food distribution, and dock loading applications, may all benefit from productivity in the transport and storage of palletised loads.

Hyster Reach Truck with 14m Mast

For warehouse and distribution centres with higher racking, the Hyster® R2.0HD Reach Truck can now be specified with a new mast option that provides lifting heights up to 14 metres. The Hyster Reach Truck offers stability at height, high visibility, excellent manoeuvrability, and energy efficiency. It has an ergonomically designed operator compartment and additional mast-mounted options will be available to tailor the truck to each warehouse’s needs.

The R2.0HD reach truck also now offers 13000mm, 123250mm, 13500mm, and 13750mm 3 Stage Full Free Lift mast options, enabling applications to match the truck to their application needs.

Power your Possibilities for Warehouse Productivity with Hyster

Talk to your local Hyster dealer now about Powering YOUR Possibilities in logistics and warehouse applications.

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