14th January 2022

Operations in the gardening materials supply chain might not be the first you think of as using Hyster® lift trucks. But did you know that forklifts and specialist attachments are frequently used for exactly this?

Here are three ways that lift trucks and attachments can be used in nurseries, garden centres, and garden materials applications.

  1. Transporting large potted plants

Nurseries and garden centres sell a wide range of flowers, plants, and trees ready-cultivated, and often in large heavy pots. Hyster lift trucks can be used for handling potted plants, whether on a pallet or using a fork positioner attachment during the transportation, loading, and unloading process, as well as in the store’s retail premises.

2. Handling seed bins and waste

Fork clamps can be used with a Hyster lift truck to help those applications handling seed bins. This type of attachment may help limit the risk of damaging or dropping the valuable load. Depending on the type of attachment chosen, it may also be possible to handle palletised products too, such as bags of soil, fertiliser, plant pots, or other planting materials.

A truck fitted with a rotating carriage may also be helpful where seeds and grains need to be tipped from one container into another. This same attachment on a Hyster forklift can also be used for emptying large containers of waste material efficiently.

3.Saving time with greater reach

To reach palletised gardening goods in the second-row position, or to handle two pallets at a time, reach forks attachments can be used with a Hyster forklift. This may also reduce the number of lift truck journeys needed, helping to optimise productivity.

For flexibility within the application, the same attachment can be used in double-deep warehouse racking.

Find out more

Talk to your local Hyster® dealer about the attachments that may support your particular operation or learn more on the Hyster website.

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