CEVA provides logistics support for Hyster Rhine Tour

With a diverse range of equipment, including heavy duty forklifts, empty container handlers, ReachStackers and warehouse trucks, to transport to four events in four countries during the Rhine Tour, Hyster Europe was supported by CEVA Logistics. Hyster® trucks are commonly transported by CEVA to global destinations using a combination of Roll On Roll Off vessels, […] Read More

Unique CakeBoxx two-piece shipping container at the Hyster Rhine Tour

At the Hyster® Rhine Tour, a Hyster® ReachStacker and Hyster® Empty Container Handler were seen handling containers with the logo of “CakeBoxx Technologies” on them. This revealed that these were not standard containers! CakeBoxx containers are unique shipping containers with an innovative two-piece design. By unlocking 4 simple twistlocks, the ‘lid’ of the container can […] Read More

Quieter pallet trucks for retailers

To help busy retail centres meet noise emission regulations, particularly during night time unloading and loading operations, a new noise reduction option is available on the Hyster® P1.6 and P1.8 Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck series. Pallet Trucks for Retail Centres in Residential Areas More goods are being transported outside peak times than ever before to […] Read More