11 ways to optimise materials handling operations with telematics

4th August 2017

Optimising materials handling operations relies on knowing what trucks and operators are doing and how they are performing, from individual trucks to the entire fleet.  The Hyster Tracker telematics solution has been developed to enable applications to monitor performance in real time via Wireless Asset Management.  This helps keep operations on track, helps mitigate risk, enables measurement against KPIs and drives profitability.

Here are 11 of the clever ways that Hyster Tracker helps optimise materials handling operations with telematics:

  1. Use the Remote Hour Meter to view and manage key performance data per truck, fleet or locations
  2. View and manage equipment servicing via the Hyster Tracker portal
  3. Track and respond to fault codes efficiently
  4. Record truck position with a GPS snapshot on a Google map or satellite view, including event location and timing of critical impacts
  5. Use the Operator Pre-shift Checklist feature to ensure mandatory checks are completed before use
  6. Report, display and log impact events with impact sensing technology
  7. Use Access Control to prevent operation by untrained operators
  8. Analyse efficiency by using GPS motion to plot the movements of a session, including location, timestamp and speed
  9. See your real Total Cost of Ownership by aggregating various operating costs through the Hyster Tracker system
  10. Enable Automatic Shutdown to save energy when trucks are not in use, and keep costs down
  11. Receive instant notifications of a chosen event, such as an impact, via email to ensure it can be dealt with immediately, reducing disruption and downtime


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