Robust Hyster® 4-9 tonne capacity forklift trucks are fully equipped to face the toughest weather conditions with a new premium cab.

Developed in conjunction with Hyster® distribution partner ProTruck A/S in Denmark and Danish Cab supplier, FLK, the new cab is designed to meet the high standards and specific challenges of the Scandinavian market. It offers optimal protection against the outside temperature, enabling the operator and the truck to work efficiently, even in wet, cold or hot weather.

Featuring toughened security glass, the spacious cab is insulated to withstand both intense heat and extreme cold. The powerful heater and ventilation system also helps to keep windows clear and free from mist, even in the most demanding environments. Optional features include extra heating units for extremely cold applications, or air-conditioning and climate control for those in very high temperatures.

The cab also helps overcome the challenges of visibility during wet weather with the aid of a parallel front window wiper featuring interval control, a rear window pendulum wiper aid and a complete light system. While on hot days, an internal sun blind under the roof window helps to block out heat and light.


The fully isolated cabin is designed and built for intensive use. For durability, the steel work of the solid frame construction is sandblasted and washed before it is painted and all joints are sealed. A strong wet-paint coating creates a tough, quality surface, suitable for use in demanding all-weather applications, such as in port operations.

The comfortable cab also includes insulation, reducing noise levels to 71 dB(A), and offers good visibility of the forks when performing high lifts, and when travelling.

Easy access to service and inspection points, thanks to the unique design of the hood doors, helps to maximise up time in difficult conditions. The engine hood is comprised of two separate doors fitted with gas springs to provide controlled opening.

With intelligent design, the robust ‘Scandinavian Cab’ meets the challenges of demanding operating environments, supporting optimal productivity, in any application, whatever the weather.

Contact ProTruck A/S, Denmark for more information – Phone +45 69 66 34 56.